Short Pier Productions proudly presents


Normal View and the Warriors from Hell

April 2-4, 2004

You think you had it bad before? You ain't seen NOTHING yet. This year's selections will make you laugh so hard your diaphragm will rupture. Come join in the assault on these eight examples of all that is bad in cinema.

Normal View: when movies bite, we bite back.

Official schedule:

Friday, Apr. 2
7:00 PM: Opening ceremonies and warm-up trailers
8:00 PM: The Angry Red Planet
10:00 PM: Robo-Vampire
Saturday, Apr. 3
1:00 PM: Carnosaur
3:00 PM: Eyes of the Serpent
5:00 PM: Dinner break
7:00 PM: Golden Munchie Classic -- Dungeons and Dragons
9:00 PM: Golden Munchie Nominee -- Blood Freak
Sunday, Apr. 4
1:00 PM: Bonus Feature and closing ceremonies

(Note: The Bonus Feature was Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.)