Shortpier Productions
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Ohayocon 5

Normal View: Anime Edition

January 16, 2005

After three years of weekend-long festivals of bad movies in Champaign, Illinois, we are pleased to bring an abbreviated all-anime version of Normal View to Ohayocon 5! Normal View: Anime Edition will be held in Video Room 3 of Ohayocon on Saturday evening.

The schedule:

7:00pm: Introduction
7:15pm: Warm-up Short: Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past
This OAV answers the question: "What would happen if a Japanese animation company decided to make an anime version of Rambo without actually acquiring the Rambo license?"
8:00pm: Feature: Space Warriors Baldios
The late 70s and early 80s saw the creation of a huge number of shows involving giant transformable robots. Many of these shows have become classics. Baldios, however, is not one of these. Join us as our brave robot pilots learn the horrifying secret of Planet S-1!